Last Chance: NBkMA Merch Fundraiser Ends Monday

Wear your love for our community on your sleeve

Sales end Monday at midnight for the North Brooklyn Mutual Aid merch, so make sure to preorder a t-shirt, sweatshirt, or tote before then! All sales help fund initiatives that support our community.

We’re selling each item at cost so as many people as possible can enjoy it. We’d love it if you made a donation on top of that, and are appreciative of anything extra you can give.

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Merch is printed locally and designed by a member of the community (who donated his labor.) We’ve also tried our best to source more ethical, size inclusive shirts and would always love feedback on how to do better next time!

Preorders close on March 14 at midnight. Items estimated to ship at the end of March.

Your donations help fund initiatives such as: Clothing, book, and toy drives, Hygiene Kits North BrooklynNBk Device DriveNBk CompostNBk EssentialsNBk Free StoresNBk FridgesNBk Housing DefenseNBk Open Space StewardsNBk VaxWhat’s Open North Brooklyn, and admin work to help keep the lights on!